Whether it’s a Birthday celebration, an Anniversary or any special occasion, you’re bound to find something suitable.

**You can also choose to personalise your box with
custom printing on the outside. See examples**

Check out these luxurious, premium Cocktail Kits including all your favourites and for something even more personal, visit our Custom Gifts page.

Cocktails to You - The Soho

The Soho


Cocktails to You - The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmo


Whether it’s to say I Love You, Congratulations or simply cheer someone up, a Cocktails To You package is the perfect way.

Because even though there is joy in receiving gifts, giving them is just as satisfying, so order NOW.

* Note: products may vary due to availability
All Cocktail Kits have a Standard Delivery Fee of $25. Specific delivery dates may be requested, but not guaranteed.